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I'm Chrisany Alicia Negron, the owner of Alicia Cleaning and Organizing Services, LLC. I came from a hardworking family, where education and giving 110% were the norm, worked my way up in the corporate world in the e-discovery field and did well, but always wanted to help others more and have something of my own.

When my son became affected by severe allergies and asthma at only a year and a half old, I realized that I had to clean a home in a very different way. During visits with friends and family they would say they did what they called a "Chrissy Clean", which was my nickname. All of this would be more than 15 years before I would start my own business but ended up being the structure and knowledge that, at that time, I didn't even know would be what made me great at what I do and train my teams to do.

The text messages I get from clients, especially the moms who are so grateful for our services are everything to me. That feeling you get as a professional, parent, everyday busy person that just can't deal with the thought of having to get the house together is why we do what we do. Peace of mind and relaxing is priceless and harder and harder to come by, I strive to give my clients that feeling on a regular basis.

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