Frequently Asked Questions

ACOS offers the flexibility and care of an independent cleaner, but the competitive pricing and reliability of a large company. Our small 2 person teams get to know our clients personally and can tailor each cleaning to the clients’ expectations.
We are also a local business so working with ACOS Cleaning supports the local economy, not a national franchise!
Usually just two! ACOS has found that small teams of two provide our clients with the most personalized, non-intrusive cleaning service.
We do like our staff to get to know you and your wants and needs for your home so we do strive to send the same team to your home each time. However, there will be times that due to illness or vacation that your regular cleaning team may not be able to complete your scheduled cleaning. But please don’t worry! We will let you know which highly qualified staff members will be arriving with a smile to your door to conduct your cleaning for that particular day.
We have a very careful, professional and experienced staff but we know that sometimes accidents happen regardless of how careful you are. So if any damage or loss does occur, please notify our Project Manager, Melissa Severs, within 48 hours of the cleaning date, and we will do our best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
Please always let us know in advance if there are any pets in your home. We understand that your pets are a special part of your family, so to ensure that they don’t run out or get into the cleaning products, they should be kept in a crate or pet carrier on the day of your cleaning team’s visit.
We recommend and appreciate when our customers give us feedback. Feedback allows us to continually provide even greater service to our clients! Please visit our website to email us, call us or contact ACOS’s Project Manager, Melissa Severs, directly. If you wish to have your comments to remain confidential, we will do our best to ensure that.
Your home security is of utmost importance to us, which is why we’ve set up a key code system for all house keys at our office. Keys are coded upon being received by our office and the keys are stored in a locked security box. When your scheduled cleaning day arrives, your coded key will be given to your cleaning team. Upon returning to the office, the cleaning team returns all keys to management, who then places them back into the locked security box.
This is up to you; we strive to accommodate whichever way works best for you.
1) Some customers provide our cleaning team with a house key that we keep at our office. Your key will be kept in a locked security box at our office and coded in our computer system for your security.
2) If it isn’t desirable for you to leave a key, you can always be home or meet your cleaning team upon their arrival. The one thing to note about this option is that many factors can affect the arrival time of your cleaning team, so we can only provide a 3 hour arrival time window.
If none of the above options are possible, just give our office a call and we will make alternate plans.
The cost of cleaning is based on a number of factors. The primary factors are the size and condition of your home, frequency of the cleanings, and if there are any pets present in your home. Please see our pricing page for more information (link to page)
ACOS gladly accepts the following forms of payment: Credit card (Master Card and Visa) or cash. Payment is due at the time of service and we require a credit card on file prior to your 1st cleaning.
Please know that tipping is never a requirement, but is a wonderful way to say “thank you for going above and beyond my expectations!” We encourage you to show your appreciation to your cleaning team if you are happy with the work they have done in your home.
If you ever need to cancel or skip a cleaning day please give our office advance notice of one business day. This will give us time to reassign our cleaning teams. If we receive notice of less than one business day, or can’t access your home upon arrival, it may be necessary for us to charge up to the full price of your cleaning.
If your cleaning falls on a holiday ACOS observes, we will contact you prior to your cleaning and reschedule your home’s cleaning.